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Fences certainly get the job done when it comes to privacy, but they can look unnatural and distract from the natural beauty of your landscape. When you are preparing Woodstock real estate for sale, you might consider using plants to add some privacy to different areas of your property. Just make sure that the ones you choose are easy to care for and versatile, so that they appeal to most people who will come to look at your home.


When you think about bamboo, you probably think about Asian landscaping schemes, and while it certainly works for this, it can be incorporated into just about any landscape design. Bamboo can grow tall and it makes a great natural fencing option. There are certain types of bamboo that are invasive and you want to avoid these. One good option is Fargesia bamboo. It is relatively easy to control, so you can customize the overall level of privacy. It is also known for being evergreen and hardy, and it grows quickly.


There are different types of boxwood, but all of them make great choices when you want to add some privacy with a plant that works well in large planters. You can control the size of this plant easily and you can also sculpt it into a variety of shapes, allowing for a creative and easily manicured privacy option. This is an evergreen, so it will last and work in almost all climates.

Italian Buckthorn

If the privacy you need requires some height, this is a great option. It has a screen-like effect, so it works a lot like a tall wooden fence, but it does not have that boxed in feeling that fencing often has. It grows quickly, so you will not have to wait several growing seasons to get the height that you require for privacy.


This is an option you might not be familiar with if you are relatively new to plants and gardening. Not only will it gives you some much needed privacy, but it also adds richness to more info your landscape due to its deep and glossy leaves. You can easily control the overall coverage and size, allowing you to customize your level of privacy. You can also alternate it with other similar plants, such as Dodonaea, if you want a unique look and effect.

You can see that when it comes to Woodstock real estate, privacy is important, but it needs to be implemented correctly. Using plants for this purpose is a good idea and one that is sure to be appreciated by most buyers. The plants discussed here are relatively easy to care for and make it easy to adjust the level of privacy a person wants.

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